Succulent Crassula 'Jade Necklace'


Introduce an exotic arid look to your room with the Succulent Crassula Jade Necklace! This handsome thin leaf growing succulent always enchants its surrounding space with a stunning savannah appeal. Beautiful white flowers will start to bloom at the top of the Crassula Jade Succulent adding to its unique mystique! Blush pink tints cover the edges of the vertical standing leaves making this hardy plant a beautiful center piece. 


  • These hardy succulents can be placed in bright sunny spots but avoid constant direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves.
  • A well drained potting soil with a light mixture of sand will have your Crassula Jade Necklace Succulent healthy all year.
  • This plant can survive harsh conditions even in the winter, but be sure to keep insects and pesky bugs out with choice solutions.
  • Water the plant every week and let the soil dry completely before the next.

Add some dry arid charm to your home with the Succulent Crassula Jade Necklace and order yours online today!

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