White Butterfly Syngonium

The Syngonium Podophyllum "White Butterfly" is a popular and easy to care for plant. These plants do best in indirect light, so a northern facing or partially shaded eastern facing windowsill works well. The leaves arrow shaped leaves of this plant will turn about 80% white as it matures, creating a beautiful contrast with the green. The White Butterfly is a hardy plant and can live longer than most houseplants. Under ideal conditions, it can live for years and grow up to 3-6 feet tall. 


    • Arrowhead plants do well in bright, filtered light partial shade. Avoid direct light.
    • Keep the soil moist, don't let your Arrowhead Plant dry out. Water more in the spring and summer and less in the winter. 
    • Arrowhead plants do well in high humidity and prefer warm conditions. Keep in an environment above 60 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Fertilize well in the growing season
    • This plant is poisonous, so keep away form children and animals

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