The Jungle Bundle


The Jungle Bundle has all you need to create your own indoor paradise! It offers our most popular large plants, all of which are low-maintenance and offer air-purification. If you are ready to upgrade your space, these gorgeous plants will certainly do the trick.

**NOTE: Some of the plants in this bundle may be toxic to pets.**

You will receive a total of four plants in this bundle. A '10" Plant' refers to the size of the pot that the plant arrives in. The plant itself is mature, measuring 3-4 feet tall! Our 6" hanging plants are full and the 6" standing plants are 1-2 feet tall. The Xerographica is the QUEEN of air plants! This beauty is 6" to 8" in diameter.

The Jungle Bundle includes: 

  • A 10" Plant (Either a Monstera, Marginata Cane, or Dracaena Craigii)
  • A 6" Hanging Plant (Either a Philodendron or a Pothos)
  • A 6" Standing Plant (Either a ZZ Plant or a Monstera)
  • A Large Air Plant (A Xerographica)
  • FREE Shipping

How our bundles work: Please note that our bundles cannot be customized. The greenhouse will randomly select from the bundle list above based on what is in stock at the time of your order. If you are looking to receive specific plants, we recommend that you select them individually to ensure you receive exactly the plants you want.

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