White Bird of Paradise


The Strelitzia Nicolai, commonly known as the White Bird of Paradise is native to South Africa. In the wild these plants can reach heights of 20 feet, but the typical houseplant can be anywhere between 3 and 8 feet tall.  These plants are known for their beautiful white flowers that bloom to be 10-12 inches. This gorgeous plant will be the center of attention in any room. This plant will arrive in a 10" pot.


  • The White Bird of Paradise will do best when it gets lots of light or partial shade. Be careful of too much direct sunlight.
  • Keep the soil moist - this plant will need a good amount of water and likely need a daily watering in the spring and summer. Just make sure it doesn't get waterlogged
  • This plant should be kept in an environment above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, don't leave it outside in the winter!
  • This plant needs to be fertilized in the growing season. It is best to fertilize weekly in the spring
  • This plant is toxic to pets

This plant ships for free!

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