Zebra Succulent

$9.95 $11.95

Bring the African safari to your indoor garden with the Zebra Succulent! Indistinguishably unique and characterized by its bumpy white stripes all around give it a glorious appeal that looks great on any desk or table stand. They’re excellent options for beginners as they require little care and are drought tolerant so don’t feel guilty about leaving town for a few days.


  • Low Indoor Light, filtered, or partial sun will give the Zebra Succulent all it needs to thrive.
  • Slow growing plant that’s non-toxic and completely safe for your pets.
  • These precious succulents don’t require too much water to give you their best but during the winter months, it is suggested to water more frequently.
  • Typical room temperature 60-80°F will do the plant fine.
  • This plant is non-toxic to pets

Revamp your living interior with the Zebra Succulent and order yours online today!

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