Shipping Cost Breakdown

Number of 4” Plants

Shipping Price

1-5 Air Plants$4.95
1 $6.95
2 $9.95
3 $11.95
4 $12.95
5 $15.95
6 $15.95
7-8 $16.95
9-10 $18.95
11-12 $21.95
13-14 $22.95
15+ $25.95

Note: 6″ Plants weigh as much as three 4″ plants due to the their larger size. For example, the cost to ship one 6″ Plant would be the same as shipping three 4″ plants ($11.95). For pots, shipping is charged based on the weight.

The shipping price reflects the costs of expedited shipping, careful packaging, and the associated labor. Unfortunately, shipping plants is expensive and we have had to raise our shipping prices slightly due to USPS increasing their prices. Plants should generally arrive in 4 to 7 business days.

Please let us know if your plant arrives damaged or unhealthy and we will ship you a new one!

All plants will arrive in nursery pots, we do not currently offer pre-potted plants although they are coming soon!.

All Plants ship to the Continental US and Alaska only! We cannot ship to Hawaii.