Succulent Care Guide
succulent care guide

Succulent Care Guide

Succulent Care Guide


Succulents are prone to root rot, so make sure to water carefully. The recommended way to pour water into your plant’s container until it pours out of the drainage holes. Allow the water to drain completely. Wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again. Do not let your plant sit in water, as this will increase the chances of root rot. Water more in spring and summer during the growing season. Decrease waterings in the fall and winter during resting season.


Succulents enjoy a sunny window, south facing if possible. Beneath a sky light is also a good option. Your plant needs around six hours of sunlight per day. Indirect sunlight is best. Consider rotating your plant often, to make sure that all sides are receiving enough sunlight. If you find you succulent leaning, its likely it needs more sun. Keep your plant in temperatures between 50-55F, though as cool as 40F is tolerable for most succulents. Day time temperatures should be between 70-85F.

Soil and fertilizer

Choose a soil that is fast draining and intended for succulents or cacti and a container with drainage holes. You can also prepare suitable soil yourself using a mixture of 75% potting soil and 25% perlite or sand and a layer of gravel. Mix together and add water to moisten. Though succulents don’t require much feritilizer, you can give them a bit during the spring and summer seasons when it is growing. Take care not to over fertilize. A little bit goes a long way.

Cleaning and pruning

You can clean dust off of your succulent using a damp cloth, and a soft, clean paint brush to get those places that are deeper and harder to reach. If you find your succulent is falling prey to mealy bugs or gnats, check to make sure that its soil isn’t too wet. Move infected plants away from your other plants, and spay with 70% isopropyl alcohol to help with these pests.


You propagate succulents by using a twisting motion to remove a leaf or stem from a healthy plant. Allow the leaves to dry out in a paper towel for a day or two before placing on an appropriate soil mixture. Place the leaves in bright, filtered sunlight and water when the soil is dry (likely a few times a week). You should see roots appear within a week or two. Once roots start to form, gently plant them in a soil mixture.


Be very gentle when repotting your succulent, as they can be fragile. Choose a pot that is just a bit larger than its current container. Check out our repotting guide for more information. 


Succulents are a hearty and beautiful addition to any house plant owner’s home. Take care to water properly and you can enjoy these beautiful plants year round.

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1 year ago

Love the care information. It really helps since I’m new to plants since I’m home more. Is there a way I can get cards or print offs of particular plants I buy?

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