The best plant for you, based on your zodiac sign.
the best plant for you based on your zodiac sign

The best plant for you, based on your zodiac sign.

What plant most fits your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: Snake Plant 

Like Aries, Snake Plants assert themselves confidently and attract attention with their long swordlike leaves trimmed with yellow. The pointy shape and bold coloring of this succulent aptly represent its tenacity, but beneath this tough appearance Snake Plants are also uncomplicated and forgiving. The Snake Plant’s resiliency make it a great first house plant for the first sign of the Zodiac, and its unique ability to purify air during both day and night makes it an excellent addition to the plant collection of any enthusiastic Aries as well.

Taurus: Calathea

A Calathea’s calm and soft demeanor make a lovely addition to any Taurus home sanctuary. The regal purple underside of the leaves hints of luxury, while their rhythmic raise and close with the sun adds an aura of structure that Taurus is sure to enjoy. Like Taurus, these plants can also be a bit stubborn and appreciate the finer things in life – thriving best with ample humidity and filtered water.

Gemini: Pileas

Pileas possess many qualities that Geminis embody – they are fun, adaptable and gregarious plants that also possess a certain duality like the twins, as they can be effortlessly propagated using either soil or water. Pileas are easy-going and grow remarkably quickly with little specialized care, although they do prefer the soil to dry between waterings. Rapid growth and simple propagation make Pileas seem vivacious like Gemini and incredibly easy to share, a trait that has earned Pileas the nickname “Friendship Plant”, and makes them perfect for the social butterfly of the Zodiac.

Cancer: Hoya sweetheart

Named for its heart shaped leaves, the Hoya Sweetheart aptly represents the caring and emotive hopeless romantic of the Zodiac. The plant’s unique shape complements the aesthetic of any cancer’s cherished domestic space, and the succulent makes a thoughtful gift for any sentimental cancer, be it friend, partner or self. While small and cute, like a Cancer the Sweetheart Hoya is actually quite resilient, but it will get crabby if overwatered.

Leo: Monstera

Monsteras are gorgeous, popular and hard to miss in any room, just like Leo. These plants are striking, and with their large glossy leaves one could even say they have great hair. Despite their dramatic appearance, Monsteras are not very high maintenance nor is their beauty their sole attribute. These productive plants grow quickly and reliably with consistent watering and effectively purify the air as well. Nevertheless, a loyal Leo can pamper their Monstera with misting, repotting as necessary, and improving sunlight absorption by keeping the leaves dust-free, and through this dedication grow a large and impressive Monstera that looks its best.

Virgo: Parlor Palm 

Parlor Palms gained popularity in the Victorian era and easily complement the Virgo home with their timeless elegance and poise. The fanned fronds of this quintessential houseplant appear fun yet delicate and can be used to understand the plant’s needs, as browning tips indicate displeasure with light or humidity. The Parlor Palm is not particularly picky, however, and can grow slowly but steadily. Under the care of a patient and reliable Virgo, the Parlor Palm can become large and majestic and in doing so will purify a wide variety of compounds from air, akin to the practical nature and precise spirit of the Zodiac’s perfectionist.

Libra: Pothos

Like Libra, Pothos have a charming aesthetic and achieve it effortlessly. With a variety of gorgeous patterns and long leafy vines that flirtatiously stretch out every which way, a Pothos can occupy any space and look good from all angles. Pothos are easy to care for and will sprout many new leaves when pleased with their environment. The vivid greens and quick new growths of a Pothos radiate optimism and help bring balance and beauty to the home, while the waterfall of vines that reach and weave together give this fun plant a social and outgoing appearance that a Libra is sure to appreciate.

Scorpio: Lifesaver Cactus

The unusual flowers of the Lifesaver Cactus enchant and allure like the intriguing Scorpio, while the juxtaposition of the plant’s delicate blooms and spiny appearance mimics the aura of this famously mysterious sign. The Lifesaver Cactus is independent and resilient, and with proper nourishment will develop fascinating blossoms of deep passionate red and an almost extraterrestrial center displaying a puffy ring reminiscent of a lifesaver. Similarly enigmatic, the spikes of the Lifesaver Cactus that help create its threatening appearance are actually soft tubercles, since the plant is a succulent rather than a cactus. Thus, this mystical plant is more soft than it initially seems, a trait well understood by the complex Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Peperomia Rosso

Of the many Peperomia varieties, the Rosso has a distinctly bold appearance and funky vibe reminiscent of the free spirited Sagitarius. The deep green of the leaves present a strong and self-assured aura, while the vivid red undersides contribute a spark of levity and fun that makes this compact, bushy plant seem both resolute and spunky. Like Sagittarius, the Peperomia Rosso is independent, making it easy to care for. If fertilized, however, the Rosso can develop long cone-like inflorescences, full of tiny flowers, whose otherworldly look will complement the Sagitarius home and fuel their explorative, adventurous nature.

Capricorn: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Whether large or small, the Fiddle Leaf Fig emanates a stately aura of focus and resolve, making it the perfect plant for the strong willed, dedicated Capricorn. Like this opinionated sign, the Fiddle Leaf Fig has strong preferences for its care and enjoys bright filtered light, ample humidity, and room temperature or lukewarm water. In mimicking the jungle home of their Ficus, a persistent and disciplined Capricorn can not only keep the large, thick leaves of this elegant plant looking healthy and lush, but can encourage the growth of magnificent Fiddle Leaf Fig whose sturdy trunk and new branches reflect the poise and ambition of this hardworking sign.

Aquarius: Anthurium

Aquarius is known as the nonconformist of the Zodiac, and the almost fantastical appearance of the Anthurium couples well with this eccentric, unique sign. Anthuriums are quite versatile and independent, as they can grow in all levels of indirect light and require little specialized care. These fun plants will even produce their brightly colored, waxy flowers as long as they receive regular watering, although bright light and mild fertilizer encourages more blossoms throughout the year. The whimsical Anthurium flowers for three full months at a time, and beyond adding this long-lived pop of color and intrigue to the home, Anthuriums help purify the air, making them a great plant for the original and progressive Aquarius.

Pisces: Oyster Plant

With a beautiful rosette of soft purple, pink, and green, the Oyster Plant emanates a creative and dreamlike quality reminiscent of Pisces, and the artist of the Zodiac is sure to appreciate the vibrant magenta undersides of this exquisite plant’s variegated leaves. The Oyster Plant catches the eye with its kaleidoscope of color, but presents itself as soft and friendly with its flowing, artistic appearance. Indeed, the Oyster Plant is known to be gentle and enduring, with a no fuss nature that makes it easy to care for. If feeling particularly nurturing, however, a Pisces can provide ideal conditions and fertilizer to help their Oyster Plant blossom. The flowers produced are delicate, white, and securely cradled in an oyster-like bract that gives the Oyster Plant its name and its unique, tender aura that aptly represents the imaginative and compassionate Pisces.

Written by Anna Hasche

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