Why You Should Get a Living Tabletop Christmas Tree This Year
why you should get a living tabletop christmas tree this year

Why You Should Get a Living Tabletop Christmas Tree This Year

It’s no surprise that this holiday season will probably look a little different than any other we have experienced, so why not start a new tradition? At the same time, you will save a tree from the landfill (an estimated 25-30 million trees are purchased each season, and most end up in the dump!). Grab a hot mug of cider or cocoa and get to trimmin’ that tree!

  1. They’re adorable. What is cuter than a miniature tree? We’ll wait.
  2. They are easy to take of!
  3. They keep on living after the holiday season is over. Unlike a traditional Christmas tree purchased at a tree farm, this plant is rooted in dirt and will continue to live. It will serve as a meaningful reminder of this holiday season for years to come.
  4. It is delivered straight to your door – no need to brave the cold and/or crowds to secure signature holiday décor! Bonus: because it is a potted plant, it will fit seamlessly into your current plantscape once the holidays are over.
  5. Give yourself a new creative outlet! This mini tree comes with a set of Christmas ornaments and mini lights so you don’t have to dig through the attic to find decorations. 

Don’t forget to tag us in your Christmas tree photos on Instagram @cellardplants and use #CellarDoorPlants so we can see your gorgeous babes! Happy holidays!

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